Fantasy Sets or Outfit Sets?

At the beginning I spent a long time deciding what to use in my sets. deciding whether to colour match or contrasting items took forever and I played around  with backgrounds so much that I would leave it and come back to it after an hour or so. Sometimes, I’d wait till the next morning and decide it needed re hashed and would start again maybe only using one original item.

I was taking this way too seriously and yet it was inspiring. I felt like an artist with my palette and canvas, and got frustrated and impatient more than I wanted to. After a while I thought about a different approach, a more organised, detailed and clean look. Now I was more like a stylist and not an artist. That felt better. I could achieve my goals without taking hours. This was supposed to be relaxation after all.

So here I am, one month in to Polyvore and enjoying myself immensely.


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