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Getting Started on Polyvore

Well its New Year 2017 and I am just setting out to write about my latest passion and addiction; making Polyvore sets.

Polyvore is a fashion website that pictures clothing available from Designers and Department Stores and allows you to choose pieces and make an art collage. It has opened up a new world to me by giving me the tools to satisfy my compulsion to shop for outfits without having to spend.

My virtual wardrobe has grown from a couple of fun ideas to over one hundred fashion sets.  I feel so happy searching for items and thinking about ideas to showcase them.  I am mixing couture clothing with high street fashion and presenting my ideal outfit for any given occasion.

My creative juices have started to flow and each day I have a new idea or just let things take shape naturally.  I am having so much fun, I feel like this is the equivalent of a video game addiction but I am not trying to win or beat anything except my own limitations.

I have always had a passion for fashion and my Polyvore world is my guilty pleasure.  I wanted to share my journey into the online community and write about how I am navigating my way round this as a newbie..  Next step will be to try to upload some sets to this blog.. let’s see.


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